We combine our legal expertise, business sensibility and long experience in drafting water tight agreements so that they stand the test of time. We protect the interests of our clients and ensure and establish the rights of clients in a manner that is fair, beneficial and legal. Drafting, as against the popular belief, not only includes, drafting of Agreements but it also include preparation of following documents:

Regulatory documents like Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA & AOA), Letter of Offer for Right Issue, Prospectus, etc. LLP Agreement, Transactional Documents like NDA, JV Agreement, SHA, SPA and etc.

Drafting of Policies, Code of Conduct and Internal Regulations like Code of Conduct for employees, HR Policies / HR Manuals, ESOP Plans/ Schemes, Risk Management Policy, Free Work Place Policy, etc.

Importance of Drafting & Vetting in your business

If you are running a business now, you must have had the understanding so far that Contracts, Agreements, Deeds, MOUs, Letters, Resolutions, Terms & Conditions, Product Description, Terms of Usages, and various types of other Legal Documents are day-to-day essentials in the general parlance of conducting any business. A little ambiguity and ignorance can cause your business heavy losses as every business enters into some kinds of contract or agreement at one point of time or the other. If your business grows at certain level, it requires various commercial contracts/agreements for association and dealings with its own vendors, creditors, clients, and even employees.

We provide you the drafting and vetting services online as well as offline as you are comfortable to your level of understanding from experienced professionals who understand the needs of a business and draft for you. Also, before sending it across, our vetting team goes through it completely to mitigate any chances of wrong impression at a later stage.

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